At Fun N Play, we believe that every child is a special and unique individual that brings with them the talents and strengths of their family,  tribes and ancestries. We care deeply about upholding  an inclusive environment that supports each childs heritage. We show this by creating a warm, caring, stimulating and safe environment, where each child feels welcomed. 


True Play


Holistic learning plays an important role in our Centre. We strive to give our tamariki the space, time and opportunity to be involved in meaningful and purposeful learning experiences. We promote the right for each tamariki to reach their full potential  by allowing them to experiment and explore their environment and working theories. We believe through True Play Learning’ tamariki will be able to develop their valuable lifelong learning skills  and become confident and competent learners. 




Through collaboration, our Centre has developed authentic friendships  within the community and local Whanau. We want all Parents and Whanau to feel at home in our Centre by being open, trusting and responsive to all their needs and suggestions.  It is essential to value and respect the unique knowledge and contributions of Whanau in the decision-making process around the children’s care and education. This helps ensure that we can provide an environment that demonstrates equity, integrity, inclusivity and respect for all children.  




As professional Teachers we are always guided by  the Teachers Council Aotearoa Professional Standards and the Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whariki.  For us, professionalism is the standard we measure ourselves by.  We demonstrate this through our positive relationships, conduct, communication and partnerships with colleagues and parents.