Our centre operates as a mixed-age classroom however our teachers arrange age-appropriate activities based on play-based learning design. We have an average teacher to child ratio of 1:8 all the time.

For food safety and respect for diverse cultures, we advise parents to prepare lunch boxes for children who have allergies or who have special dietary requirements. Please discuss your child’s specific needs with the centre manager at the time of enrolment.

We provide morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack, sunscreen, baby wipes, individual portfolio, online learning e-portfolio.
We renew and update our promotion package regularly while we are committed to support individual family needs. Please discuss with the centre manager at the time of enrolment.

We generally take children from two to six years old.

We use a play-based curriculum where we focus on developing, extending and enhancing children’s interests in a child led environment. We focus on the dispositions that set a child up for lifelong learning e.g. problem solving, perseverance, resilience, curiosity, social and emotional intelligence. We incorporate early literacy and numeracy and the dispositions into what the child is passionate about in a fun and engaging way. Our teachers design transition programmes to offer literacy and numeracy and self-help skills for children. We provide transition reports for parents to enable our pre-schoolers to be successful in their learning in the next journey.